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If your website has words,

they are losing you 10-30% of monthly revenue.

Which page version, do you think, 
increased purchases by
17.8% ?

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Running - revenuegorilla [winner] 1 (1).

I a/b tested version B.
It generated hundreds of thousands in additional revenue.

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For example

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Businesses damage 
their marketing efforts
because they forget


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Copywriting is a common skill.

Conversion copywriting is a rare skill.

Conversion Optimization Copywriting for Websites with the help of a/b testing tools to validate hypotheses, is almost impossible to find.

Who crafted your website copy?

Was it a/b tested and proved to be effective?

Imagine doctors invented drugs left and right, without conducting clinical trials. Wouldn't you be concerned about side effects?

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E-commerce brands

$500K-$4MM in additional revenue,

using my Conversion Optimization Copywriting, grounded in evolutionary psychology.​​


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I run a/b tests, craft conversion optimization strategies, analyze data, manage people, identify business opportunities, educate and consult folks.

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So you've built a

7-8 figures business.

What can you do increase your website revenue, as soon as possible?


You can hire a Conversion Optimization agency that charges 10-30k/month and cannot guarantee a 5-8X ROI.


You can do nothing about your website, and still succeed.

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You can let me figure out why your traffic doesn’t convert optimally

I will analyse your ads • website content • competitors • analytics data • heatmaps • visitors' thoughts processes


You will receive a list of 30 prioritized a/b testing ideas. 
If you approve the list, I will start using an a/b testing tool to a/b test my ideas, without hurting your bottom line.


You will get a monthly report on my Conversion Optimization outcomes & learnings.

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Exceptionally professional and multi-skilled talent.”

Sharp-minded CRO ninja. Lukas owns a perfect skillset for fast-paced tech project iterations, communicates effectively, shares simple yet beneficial insights. Highly recommended soul to work with!

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Janis Možeiko

CEO at AirGuru

Lukas is exceptional in his ability to spot a problem. In just 2 minutes of chatting with him, he has been able to point out our problem and even gave us resources to solve it. Definitely recommend. Ask him everything about CRO. You will not regret it!

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Titas Jurkonis

Founder & CEO at Blazer Agency

Lukas is an exceptionally professional and multi-skilled talent. I'm very glad that I had an opportunity to work with him. In a relatively short period of time he showed superior quality (for his tasks), speed (for delivery dates), initiative (for sparking new ideas and opportunities to the company). Lukas is a power house that you can leave with a grand task and be sure that he will definitely deliver with an added extra mile! I’m really glad that I was able to get to know Lukas not only as a co-worker, but also as a friend.

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Dziugas Skrupskelis

CCO at Kilo.Health

I have never met anyone else like Lukas. He has really strict rules as for his daily routine and his work ethics. He is always on time with his work and has no excuses not to work. Never late and always respectful. I am really honored to know Lukas because he is a fast learner and wise guy in general.

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Karolis Milišauskas

Founder at Black Habit and Colors Taste

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Generate a 11x return on investment in 45 days

Increase your website's conversion rate by up to 30%. Receive actionable insights that will benefit marketing and product departments too.







Understanding your needs and goals

Data analysis

A list of 30 prioritized a/b testing ideas

A/B testing

Statistical and data analyses of completed experiments

11x ROI

We will agree on a fair fixed monthly fee – that should generate you a 11x return on investment in 45 days.

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*I hate win/lose relationships. A tool that promises to solve a problem–but does not–, is not worth paying for. I want you to be 100% sure you will see a positive ROI. Conversion Rate Optimization industry standards must change.

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Let’s talk about more revenue, more profit, 
and whatever you want to talk about

You can also drop me a message via Linkedin.

Do you have a developer that helps you with “website stuff”?
What’s your management style?
Monthly revenue


I do not work day and night, every day of the week, to spit random gibberish. 
I go all-in. I don't bullshit. We either trust each other and thrive, or go separate ways.